About Us


Over 25 Years of Experience

Julie's passion for horses started decades ago, learning to ride warmbloods while living in Germany. She immediately knew she wanted to learn everything about these beautiful creatures. Mucking out and being at the barn everyday to learn everything she could about horses helped her to be the horsewomen she is today.


Spruce Meadows - Calgary, AB

Julie moved to Canadian horse country, and got to compete at Spruce Meadows in Calgary and watch international riders. Seeing how competitive horses were cared for and knowing that sports massage was important part of the horses training, Julie knew that equine massage was her destiny. 


Certification from RMSAAM

After years of working with horses, Julie received her Certified Equine Massage Therapist  (CEMT) certification from Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupuncture and Massage in 2013. Julie is an active rider today and rides several times a week.